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Please call or contact us today to arrange your webinar/seminar event. They do fill up quickly, so please have multiple dates/options available. 
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How The Seminar Works:

Mix Solutions does in-person training for your group/facility staff, all you need is a meeting room, venue large enough for your group (minimal AV equipment) – projector screen and possibly a microphone if your group is large etc. We will do the rest…We will bring a custom, tailor-made presentation for your group/entity.  An expert presenter will be on-hand to answer any questions your team may have throughout the seminar.  

Discussion on facility's specific obstacles and issues and how to address them. Information on contracting, case management, billing, etc. will include key lessons, knowledge, and managed care best practices.  We will dig into how various tools and training can assist your team in gaining the knowledge they require to keep on top of the new procedures, new coding, new billing, new reimbursement structures - you name it - we cover it. ​​

What's the solution?

​Training! Educating your staff to deal with the new changes and learning how to manage managed care

Who Are The Webinars / Seminars / Presentations Designed For? 

*Owners, Operators, Chief Officers, Administrators, Facility Personnel such as Admissions, Marketing, Case Managers, BOM, Business Office, etc...

​     ~ We can customize webinars, presentations, and trainings tailored to your facilities’ locations and specific details. 

     ~ Educating facility staff on a number of areas, including admissions, case management, business offices systems, billing, national and state legislation, program implementation, etc..​


How the Webinar Works:

To access our Webinar all you need is a phone line and access to the Internet. You can view it on your own PC or laptop or meet in a conference room to share with other staff members. The Webinar will have a presentation with audio available either through your computer or by phone. There will be a section on the side for comments or questions throughout the webinar and typically a Q&A session at the end. 

What’s The Problem?

Presentations are tailored and  designed to Provider needs