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Managed Care Growth

The Great Shift

What Does That Mean for Skilled Nursing Facilities?

It can mean many things, including lost revenue, decreased cash flow, and lower profits, but we don’t want to scare you on what could happen. We are here to help you avoid all that, as long as you simply take the time to prepare now. Managed care does not need to be deemed a new feared buzzword, bad phrase, negative notion, or anything to be afraid of. It can be understood and a new line of revenue provides you with knowledge up front so costly mistakes aren’t “learned” the hard way.

Being educated on all pieces, especially if you have patients who are dual eligibles (on both Medicare and Medicaid) will assist in understanding exactly what is coming your way as a skilled nursing facility or ancillary provider. You must have a clear comprehension on all initiatives and understand timelines, implementation dates, and the health plans who have been awarded contracts, to ensure census and revenue.

The Senior care Industry is currently transforming, moving away from fFS (Fee-For-Service) to managed care