Managed Care Contract & Consulting Services

Mix Solutions continues to be a partner and resource for many providers needing managed care consulting.  Mix Solutions has worked with hospitals, health plans, skilled nursing facilities, and ancillary providers in best practices, managed care systems, and contract management.

What Can a Managed Care Consultant do For Your Facility?

Education – Gives you detailed and up-to-date information regarding the ongoing changes in the healthcare industry including: reform, new trends, changes at federal and state levels, etc....

Health Care Reform
- Teaching you how the following legislation has affected the healthcare industry and what that means specifically for Skilled Nursing Facilities and other ancillary providers.  Our managed care volume has increased and having the ability to work with managed care and be financially viable is paramount to success. 

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Financial Alignment Demonstration 
  • Health Benefit Exchange 
  • Senior Programs
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicaid Expansion

Market Analyses - Review facility area and region, identifying                                                                                                             growth in managed care insurers and which health plans have                                                                                                         pushed RISK to other insurers.


  • Market rate analysis
  • Letter of Interest preparation
  • Letter of Agreement education
  • Changes in Ownership processes with managed care plans
  • Analysis of Individual Accounts to plan collection
  • Aging analyses
  • Current contract review and analysis 
  • More...  Consulting projects are tailored to provider needs

* A managed care consultant can answer your questions, give direction and guidance.