Why are Managed Care Accounts Aging?​

The "Must Know"

The new world of skilled nursing operations revolves around the efficient management of a managed care patient. Investing in education and training to ensure streamlined and complete processes in managed care billing is FINANCIAL SECURITY. 

  1.  Get organized - every health plan has different requirements.                                      Know them!
  2. Create contract cheat sheets - it minimizes errors and promotes                                     efficiency.
  3. Communicate - formalize this communication. There's no such                                     thing as too much communication when it comes to managing                                             a managed care patient internally. 
  4. Create relationships - strong ones. ASK questions. Seek to understand. 


Is Your facility leaving money on the table?

Incorrect Rev Codes

Untimely submission of Claim

Not capturing correct acuity level

No tracking or follow up system in place​

​The SECRETS on how Skilled Nursing Facilities avoid the biggest mistakes in Managed Care Billing.

With submission and appeal timeliness being limited, it is                                             imperative to be on your game when it comes to aged manage                                               care balances. Mix Solutions can untangle the web of unpaid                                                     managed care dollars and provide solutions and results.                                                   Services offered include: 

  1. Billing audit beginning with a review of the aging and analysis                                             of claim submission and follow up. 
  2. Training and education for business office team/staff on                                                managed care billing best practices with emphasis on quick                                          cash collections. 
  3. Collection of aged managed care accounts. 

Mix Solutions has partnered with skilled nursing facilities to                                                                       assist with managed care billing best practices and by providing                                                                   expert specialists to aid in collection services.

With the landfall of change in our healthcare industry, the                                                                             business office has taken on a tremendous transformation as                                                                   they face an increase in managed care case mix resulting in                                                         multiple managed care payor sources.  

A facility must be diligent in quest to master:

  • Managed care billing systems
  • Portals to generate clean claims and timely payment.

The business office team can easily implement correct billing                                                                           techniques for maximum reimbursement and maintain maximum                                                     census at all times within the new managed care programs and initiatives                                   throughout the states.

Knowing and living managed care business office best practices will give you a leg up with achieving financial success within the managed care arena.

Mix Solutions specializes in training and educating business office personal on managed care system best practices and provides collection services for aged care accounts. 

Managed Care Contract & Consulting Services