Managed Care Contract & Consulting Services

Stephanie Stidham was born in Orange, California, and brings almost                       15 years of healthcare industry knowledge with a focus on case management       to Mix Solutions’ Team. With a Bachelors and Masters of Social Work and a Certified Case Manager (CCM) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Stephanie has a plethora of resources to pull from when working with Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF). This solid educational background in the industry,               years of hands-on experience, and training in the field on a daily basis have proven invaluable to SNF staff nationwide.

Prior to joining Mix Solutions, Stephanie advocated for managed care                       resident benefits and safe discharge, while providing the support to the                 business and clinical staff in understanding managed care billing and                       utilization. Her ability to articulate the benefits and resources in plain, easy             to understand language has shown countless facilities not only how to                   develop and coordinate the plan of care with the interdisciplinary team, but           how to implement best practices and recover lost revenue (6 figure lost         revenue in some cases).

Michelle Hidalgo-- Contract Assistant

Ruth Rhinesmith -- New Client Administrator

Liz Akoubian -- Chief Financial Officer

Elyse Lites -- Contract Negotiator

Nate Hatcher -- Contract Assistant

Tuonisia Turner joined Mix Solutions in 2012.  With over 20 years of experience in various roles within higher education, administration, operations, and athletics, she brings an extensive skillfulness in executive management and leadership.  Tuonisia has thus transitioned her skills and abilities into the healthcare world.  She is currently Chief Operating Office at Mix Solutions Inc. in Fountain Valley, CA.  Mix Solutions Inc. is an industry leader in the Managed Care World with clients in 24 states and lines of business specializing in Managed Care Contracting, Case Management, Billing, and Consulting.  Tuonisia has numerous responsibilities but her focus is managing company day-to-day operations, negotiating Managed Care contracts for skilled nursing facilities, home health companies, hospice agencies, and specialty doctors nationwide and consulting on healthcare reform and initiatives across our 50 states.  

Carrie Meldrum-- Business Office / Contract Assistant

Akhila Kumar -- Business Office

Nicole Sherwood brings a variety of attributes to Mix Solutions. Born in Dayton Ohio, Nicole moved to the West Coast over a decade ago after achieving her BS in Biology from East Carolina University. Nicole has         worked alongside some prestigious scientists, and her research has             been recognized and published in Brain Research Medical Journal. The           caring nature of preventative medicine and research while working as a technical manager and analyst has easily transitioned into the world of healthcare for Nicole with her passion for helping people, no matter         what the industry. Joining Mix’s Team almost two years ago has proven         to be a most rewarding position for Nicole, bringing valuable knowledge     and solutions to clients dealing with the daily challenges during this transitional time in the healthcare world.

Nicole comes to Mix Solutions with extensive managerial and leadership   skills and the technical and detail orientated nature of past positions           have influenced her ability to integrate those attributes into the daily                 running of Mix Solutions. Her exceptional problem solving skills have                 lent themselves to the implementation of numerous systems within             Mix Solutions that have already played a vital role in the success of the company. 

Nicole Sherwood (Nikki) -- Business Office Manager

stephanie stidham -- director of case management

Tuonisia Turner Lewis -- Chief Operations Officer​ - COO

​Susie Mix, CEO and President of Mix Solutions Inc., brings over 18 years of versatile experience in Contract Management, Business Consulting, and Healthcare Administration.  Susie brings a unique and extensive knowledge to the Skilled Nursing and Managed Care industry.  Susie’s company, Mix Solutions Inc., specializes in Managed Care Contracting, Consulting, Case Management system development, best practices, and Managed Care Billing currently servicing over 400 health care providers in 24 states. Susie speaks at state and national conferences and conducts regular webinars for the skilled nursing facilities and ancillary providers educating them on our transforming healthcare world. She began her career in healthcare in 1998 and has worked in various areas within the industry, including long term care administrator, case manager, marketing director, contract negotiator, consultant, and professor.  ​

Susie Mix -- President/CEO